​​FS-500 Economy Firing System​


The FS-500 EBW Firing System is designed for field firings. The separate module allows up to 10,000 FT separation from the control unit. A micro controller in the Firing Module(p/n 188-7499) will ONLY allow activation from the FS-500 Control Unit(188-7498). Optional accessory is a pelican case.
Design and Specifications
Input Energy
  • Qty 3, 9 volt Batteries
  • Estimated 250 firings per battery life         

Output Energy

  • 2000 volt pulse with 1500 amperes peak current into low resistance load. (0.75 joules.


  • Power Multiplier with high voltage energy.
  • Overvoltage gap
  • Redundant bleed resistors for safety
  • Firing module has a micro controller that requires communication from control unit for activation.


  • Five-way binding post input terminals matched to control unit
  • Five-way binding post output terminals
  • External Dimensions: 8" X 3" X 1.25"

Control Unit

  • Generates 200 Volts DC
  • Dual Push Button Activation
  • Battery Check Light
  • Continuity Check Light
  • Five-way binding post output terminals
  • External dimensions: 6.5” x 4.5” x 2”

Control Unit to Module Connection

  • Maximum 10,000 feet of 20 gauge wire

Module to Detonator Connection

  • Maximum 25 feet twin lead blasting wire, P/N 167- 8559 or 75 feet maximum Type ‘C’ coaxial cable, P/N 167-2669
Caution: While EBW and EFI Initiators are inherently less susceptible to accidental detonation during handling and set- up than devices containing primary explosives, electrical and electronic firing systems are sensitive to transient electrical energies which could cause premature triggering or firing. The blasting area must be clear of personnel and equipment before the detonator leads are connected to any RISI Firing System. Only approved RISI Firing Systems should ever be used to initiate or detonate any explosive product manufactured and authorized for sale by RISI.