RISI will modify most products shown in the catalog to meet a customers special requirements. Depending on the extent and complexity of the change, a non-recurring tooling charge may be necessary. Delivery time may also be extended if the changes are extensive.

 RISI also manufactures a number of products on special order for which tooling and detail component parts already exist. These products are not normally in stock because of low useage but can be assembled in a reasonable length of time for a special order. Examples of these kinds of units include the following:

RP-1 Coax Detonator • P/N 167-4315 •  
 Same as the RP-1 Pigtail Detonator except for an integral Type 31 coaxial connector. 

RP-2 Coax Detonator • P/N 167-4378 •  
 Same as the RP-2 Pigtail Detonator except for an integral Type 600 coaxial connector. 

RP-1 Boosted Detonator • P/N 167-9041•  
 A canned RP-1 Detonator with a total explosive load of 4.35 grams. 

RP-1 Sugar Load Detonator, Pigtail • P/N 167-4334 • 

RP-1 Sugar Load Detonator, Coaxial • P/N 167-2716 • 
 Exact replicas of an RP-1 Detonator except for the substitution of sugar for the explosive materials. Used to better simulate the exploding bridgewire function by packing a low density powder (sugar) around the wire. 

RP-86 Detonator • P/N 188-7074 • 
 A sealed detonator for underwater use with a 2 gram output charge. Used in seismic studies. 

 RISI maintains tooling to fabricate pellets of various diameters for use with most secondary explosives.