​​High Temperature RDX and HMX EBW Detonators​​

High Temperature RDX and HMX*** EBW Detonators- UPDATED 12/017/2014
 RISI has developed a line of High Temperature EBW detonators for use in applications where temperatures exceed the limits of the PETN initial pressing used in standard EBW detonators. High Temperature EBW’s use: 
 RDX for temperature requirements MAX 302F/150C, 1 Hour, Note: Anodized Gold Cup 
 HMX for temperature requirements MAX 400F/205C, 1 Hour, Note: Anodized Red Cup These detonators are available on special order. In order to reduce delivery time they have been designed around four of our standard EBW detonators and use common parts except for the Explosive. They are intended to be used with the PX-1 Expendable Firing Unit.
 1.4B, UN0255 DOT Approval for shipment in a Fiberboard Box 

RP-800 RDX P/N 188-7330
RP-8000 HMX P/N 188-7453

Same dimensions as RP-80

RP-830 RDX P/N 188-7342
RP-8300 HMX P/N 188-7455

Same dimensions as RP-83

RP-810 RDX P/N 188-7409
RP-8100 HMX P/N 188-7454
Same dimensions as RP-81

RP-880 RDX P/N 188-7354
RP-8800 HMX P/N 188-7456
Same dimensions as RP-880

RP-750 P/N 188-7392
High Temperature RDX EBW Detonator
Same dimensions as RP-75