​​General Capabilities​

Deflagration to Detonation Transition Detonators (DDT)
 A detonator with similar current and voltage inputs as a Hot Wire, primary explosive detonator but using only secondary explosives such as PETN, RDX or HMX. The DDT has has an all fire current of 2.5 amps with a 1.0 0hm bridgewire. Nominal dimensions are 0.500 inch diameter by 1.0 inch.

This detonator can be designed to function from the following:

  1. A detonating explosive
  2. A deflagrating explosive
  3. A propellant
  4. An exploding wire
  5. A projectile with sufficient kinetic energy

The concept of the Flying Plate Detonator provides a detonation output from mechanical, electrical and non-explosive inputs which in general are not normally used.