​​General Capabilities​

EBW Explosive Switches
EBW explosive switches have the advantages of fast response times in the microsecond time frame and being able to hold off large current and voltages because of the energy densities available to perform work from the secondary explosives.

 Designs have been built and tested for 70 KV DC, 2,000 Amp systems with total system trip times of < 0.5 milliseconds.

 Two concepts have been manufactured: (1) The movement of a mass to either open or close the switch, and (2) The use of a shaped charge to pierce or destroy the switch insulation.

Pyrotechnic Heat Source For melting and Bonding
This material is designed to quickly heat and melt construction materials such as bitumen and some plastic adhesives for heat bonding. Low ash maximizes the bond strength.

The application shown is a roadway reflector using a heat patty for bonding to a roadway surface. Once the reflector is spotted in place, the ignition tab is lit using a hand held butane lighter. Burn time is less than 20 seconds.