​​General Capabilities

EBW Function Indicator
This is a passive, single shot device to check if a system triggered with sufficient energy to function an EBW detonator by protrusion of a pin. This device contains a small quanity of PETN explosive which is totally contained in the unit when it functions
EBW Piston Actuator (no explosives)
For diaphragm rupture of up to 0.012 inch thick stainless steel. This actuator does not require any explosive. It can be designed also to cut wire or cable or function as a switch. Timing from 1.0 µs. Requires RP-1 firing parameters

Hermetic Sealed EBW or EFI Detonator
These detonators are hermetically sealed and will meet leakage requirements of better than 1x10-6 cc He per second. The example shown has a high alumina ceramic insulator brazed to the stainless steel body and center contact. The tapered ceramic interface mates easily to a connector with a silicone rubber insulator which enables the detonator to function at any altitude.

EBW Explosive Bolts
These bolts have the safety and timing of all secondary explosives. The minimum diameter is 0.5 inch with a tensile strength of 21,000 pounds. The bolts are fabricated from high strength alloy steel. When functioned, fracture occurs at a specified break line. Requires standard RP-2 firing parameters.