General Capabilities​

RISI has a multiple CAD capability which greatly enhances electronic and mechanical design/drafting. The CAD system also assists in the control of documents and design configurations.

 RISI’s explosive storage, pelleting, drying and processing operations located on-site in San Ramon are specifically designed and equipped to support the requirements of small and large volume explosive powder handling. A fully equipped electronic firing system development laboratory is maintained to develop and produce prototype quan-tities, special firing systems and associated test equipment.

 A prototype model shop is maintained to fully support research and development programs. This facility enables rapid turnaround of metal and plastic parts to insure development schedules are met. The shop is also utilized to to produce soft tooling in advance of production.

 Extensive ordnance testing facilities are maintained to meet the varied system applications and needs. Included is equipment to support nano-micro-and millisecond event timing reliability and safety parameter studies. Additionally, specialized environmental test equipment is available to test explosive devices at low pressure (altitude) and extreme temperature conditions.

Special Products
 Many of RISI’s products evolved from customer requirements. Some items never became products but were developed and tested. Others were built for concept demonstrations. This section of the catalog presents the general characteristics of several of these products. All of these products, or variations of these products, can be special ordered and 

EBW Cable Cutter
Features the safety and timing available from all secondary explosives. The cutter will shear up to a 3/8 inch diameter braided steel cable or Kevlar™ rope.

 The explosive blast is completely contained within the cutter. The barrel, anvil and caps can be re-used.

 The cutter requires standard RP-75 firing parameters.