​​​Component Parts Rebridge Services ​

RISI stocks detonator components such as heads (bridged or unbridged), pellets, sleeves and cans for all the common RISI detonators and are available for sale

RISI will also bridge customer furnished heads with either the standard gold bridgewire or a customer specified material or diameter. Used heads can also be rebridged provided they pass an incoming inspection.

DescriptionPart Number
Bridged Heads
Part Number
Unbridged Heads
RP-1 Pigtail
RP-1 Coax
RP-2 Pigtail
RP-2 Coax
RP-3 Pigtail
RP-80 Pigtail
RP-83 Pigtail
RP-87 Pigtail
RP-501 Pigtail
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