​​FS-61-B Firing System​


P/N 188-7408

 (supersceeds FS-61 Firing Unit)​


 The FS-61 Exploding Bridgewire Firing Unit is a hand held unit which operates from a 110V AC energy source. This unit triggers automatically when the appropriate firing voltage is reached by the energy storage capacitor.



  • 110V AC input. 
  • Output energy is the discharge of a one microfarad capacitor charged to 4,000 volts. 
  • Energy discharge switch is an overvoltage spark gap. 
  • A bleed resistor circuit discharges the storage capacitor after firing. 
  • A light indicates that power is present. 
  • This unit is 3” x 5” x 9” and weighs 6.2 lbs. 
  • Function characteristics are similar to RISI FS-9 Firing Module (P/N 167-8502). 

 This hand held firing unit is designed for applications where the detonating charge is small or entirely contained such that long cable distances in excess of 100 feet are not required.

 This unit eliminates the requirement for a separate control unit which reduces system complexity and cost.

 Designed for use for general explosive initiation, where trigger timing is not critical.

Caution: While EBW and EFI Initiators are inherently less susceptible to accidental detonation during handling and set-up than devices containing primary explosives, electrical and electronic firing systems are sensitive to transient electrical energies which could cause premature triggering or firing. The blasting area must be clear of personnel and equipment before the detonator leads are connected to any RISI Firing System. Only approved RISI Firing Systems should ever be used to initiate or detonate any explosive product manufactured and authorized for sale by RISI.