​​​​Selecting the Right EBW Detonator​

RISI manufactures a line of Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) detonators for a variety of industrial applications. This page is
intended to help the user select the proper initiator for their particular application.

The RISI line of EBW detonators can be divided into three categories:

  • High Precision: RP-1 • RP-2
  • General Purpose: RP-80 • RP-81 • RP-83 • RP-85 • RP-87 • RP-3
  • Economy: RP-501 • RP-502

The general characteristics are:

High Precision> .999< 35NS approx.500V
General Purpose> .997< 100NSapprox. 500V
Economy> .990< 500NSapprox. 500V

* Standard Deviation of overall function time. NS = nanoseconds
** Using a 1 ufd capacitor with 18” coax cable.

All RISI detonators can initiate most common military and civilian explosives