​​RP-501 Economy EBW Detonator​

P/N 188-7359​

The RP-501 is an EBW detonator for use in general purpose applications where the added safety of secondary explosives is desired and where cost is the paramount consideration. There is a distinct trade-off between price and performance; therfore, the user should carefully examine the performance specification of this detonator before selecting it for an application. For the purpose of performance comparison, refer to the RP-1 and RP-2 detonators which are also shown in this catalog. The RP-501 is a standard, end lighting detonator capable of detonationg compressed TNT and COMP C-4.

1. Plastic m​olded head 
2. Bridgewire (Gold) 
3. Aluminum cup 0.007" thick 
4. Initiating explosive: 169​ Mg PETN 
5. Output explosive: 227 mg HMX with Binder 
NOTE: Dent test is identical for RDX vs. HMX 

RP-501 Firing Parameters
Threshold Burst Current:180 amps
Threshold Voltage:Approx. 500 volts

Caution: While EBW and EFI Initiators are inherently less susceptible to accidental detonation during handling and set-up than devices containing primary explosives, electrical and electronic firing systems are sensitive to transient electrical energies which could cause premature triggering or firing. The blasting area must be clear of personnel and equipment before the detonator leads are connected to any RISI Firing System. Only approved RISI Firing Systems should ever be used to initiate or detonate any explosive product manufactured and authorized for sale by RISI.