​​Reusable Shock Tube Ignitor STI-8​

​P/N 188-4722​

For use with RISI EBW Firing Systems

This non-explosive initiator allows RISI Exploding Bridgewire Detonator Firing Systems or Power Multipliers to be used to initiate 1/8 inch shock tubes. This initiator contains no explosives


  • A minimum of 100 initiations can be obtained from each replaceable header assembly
  • Up to 100 feet of RISI's Twin Conductor blasting wire can be used between a RISI Firing System and the Reuseable Shock Tube Initiator. This reduces the amount of shock tube consumed by up to 100 feet per shot.
  • Each STI-8 Initiator is supplied with four extra replaceable headers


  1. Cut closed end off shock tube
  2. Insert the shock tube into the threaded collet and the housing assembly until it bottoms against the header. Rotate threaded collet to lock shock tube in place.
  3. Connect lead wires to RISI Twin Conductor Blasting Wire
  4. Connect Blasting wire to RISI EBW Firing System or Power Multiplier

Replacing The Header

  • (A) Remove the used header by un-screwing the Adaptor Nut. (B) Install the new header. (C) Replace the adaptor nut and tighten until it bottoms out.
Caution: While EBW and EFI Initiators are inherently less susceptible to accidental detonation during handling and set-up than devices containing primary explosives, electrical and electronic firing systems are sensitive to transient electrical energies which could cause premature triggering or firing. The blasting area must be clear of personnel and equipment before the detonator leads are connected to any RISI Firing System. Only approved RISI Firing Systems should ever be used to initiate or detonate any explosive product manufactured and authorized for sale by RISI/

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